Aporia: Being Unsure is a Liberating State of Mind

Every day we consume media which tells us what to think, how to think, and how to feel, but should we believe every single thing the internet tells us? How do we pick and choose what to believe and what not to believe?


When studying the philosophical works of Jacques Derrida who grew up an Algerian Jew, consistently suffered from bigotry from Muslims and Christians alike, I learned about ideas of deconstructivism. Derrida encourages us to question everything we believe strongly in. And also to take ideas from the other sides of arrangements. Having the mental fortitude to know that what you believe strongly in may be wrong, and that the other side of the arrangement may also contain valid points is an idea that can help a person formulate more educated conclusions.

Derrida hoped that we can shed the idea that behind every problem lies a solution that can be easily obtained. He believed that being unsure is a state of mind that we should not be ashamed of, but rather glad because being unsure ensures that we are thinking critically.

Aporia. An old Greek word meaning puzzlement. Derrida believed we should think of Aporia as a state of mind that we visit often and are glad to know well.

With all that being said I am going to further talk about issues that I am unsure of.

I will order these issues from least heavy to most heavy.

Firstly, can you respect Kevin Durant’s basketball decision to join the Golden State Warriors? I mean he left a team that was one win away from an NBA Finals appearance, to go to the team he blew the lead to! I understand that it was his decision and he chose to go to the team that he was going to have success with. But he has made one of the most exciting professional sports leagues in the world, almost unwatchable. The Finals were cringy to watch and after JR’s infamous dribbling out of the clock during a tie game, the series was all but over. But is it Kevin Durant’s responsibility to make sure the league is competitive? No, but damn could the Warriors be any more stacked? Like why even play this regular season if we know who the champs are gonna be?


Secondly, do the new artist in hip-hop have significantly less talent than those prior? Often times old heads tend to mock the newer hip-hop artists because of the fact that their content can lack merit. While I understand this argument, I also challenge it by asking why. Why is it that these new artists music has to have what an old head would describe as merit. Just because the newer artist may not be as lyricaly sound as their processors, does not mean that their music lacks merit. Newer beats are harder hitting and more focused on setting a mood or vibe, and less focused on delivering a message at times. A person who is a lover of the older style of hip-hop may scoff at the sound of so-called “mumble rap.” But many people think that it is a craft that takes a greater understanding of music than people realize.


Lastly, the investigation involving Brett Kavanaugh and whether or not he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford is the largest political topic in our nation at the moment. Kavanaugh is under investigation by the FBI at the moment. What I struggle with when thinking about and talking about this case is how significant it is. A man with a wife and family is being scrutinized over something he may or may not have done tens of years ago. Since then he has served nobly as a federal court judge. But now he is up for a lifetime job as Supreme Court Justice and the question at hand is does this man represent the morals and ideals that we believe our country stands for? What does it tell our country’s youth if we have a man who is known to have sexually assaulted a woman in one of the highest esteem jobs in the country? This man is responsible for deciding what is constitutional or unconditionally or right or wrong. Can he really be trusted to control our country constitution?

As I said I am unsure about how to feel about all of these topics, but I am excited to revisit them and continue to mold and shape my opinion from a pleather of different points of views and ways of thinking. And I encourage all to be comfortable with being unsure.

Writing unfiltered, open-minded, and sarcastic. Sharing is daring